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  • New York State Issues New Minimum Wage Poster Requirements For 2017

    Like many states throughout the US, the State of New York is raising there minimum wage for 2017. This increase is part of a series of smaller increases that will ultimately lead to a $15 minimum wage as planned by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.   Read More...

  • Florida Increases State Minimum Wage For 2017, New FL Employer Poster Required

    The State of Florida has joined the list of State Governments who will be increasing the minimum wage for 2017. Beginning in January 1, all employers within the state must pay their employees an minimum of $8.10 per hour ($5.08 per hour for tipped employees). This increase of 5 cents per hour was announced by the Florida State Department of Economic Opportunity.   Read More...

  • All In One Posters; State And Federal Workplace Compliance

    For the convenience of our customers we have come up with an all inclusive design that meets both the state and the federal labor law requirements for employers in the United States. Businesses all across the country have trusted us to provide the most up to date posters on a daily basis. Our team of researchers ensure that when a state or federal update occurs our poster design team is notified immediately and the poster is then updated.  Read More...

  • New Michigan Minimum Wage Poster 2014

    Starting September 1, 2014 the Michigan Minimum Wage rate will be raised to $8.15 per hour. The state minimum wage has been $7.40 per hour since 2009. Along with this wage hike also comes a new mandatory labor law poster.  Read More...

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